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Posted at 2:06 am on May 26th, 2008

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Good news! I’ve decided to join the 21st Century by turning my site into a real live blog using WordPress. Here’s my first post! I’ve done a lot of the work already: rebuilding the site while learning how to use the software. That means all the great blog things like comments and RSS feeds. But, it also means that now I’ve got all the old content to port over, besides tweaking things and writing new content.

For now, I’m leaving the old pre-WordPress pages up, and I’ll remove them one by one as I post them as blog entries, mainly so that they’re searchable, but also so that I can lose all the old code I had driving my site. I’ve been in dire need of an upgrade for a while, and my old code was becoming harder and harder to do useful things with.

So that’s what the “Legacy Site” section is in the navigation. Once the old pages are all ported over, that section will go away completely.

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