Clumpy Unit Tests

This page performs unit tests on Clumpy.

Some of the tests might hang your browser for a moment, because the tests work by building reproducible data structures first synchronously and then asynchronously, and comparing the results. What’s hanging your browser is the synchronous version.

The last test lets you evaluate browser responsiveness by running only the asynchronous version for a whole minute. Please post comments below on how well this test runs in your browser.

You can also help keep Clumpy stable by submitting new test cases. There are tests that I haven’t gotten around to writing yet, and I’m sure there are tests I haven’t thought of.

The tests are conducted using a very simple test script I wrote, called TumuskiTest. I plan to document it eventually, but for now if you want to help, you’ll have to just follow the examples in testClumpy.js.

Test Results

Browser Responsiveness Test Output

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